HDMI Cameras

A wide variety of microscope cameras with high resolution and pixels.

Full specs are available for download on the datasheets.

HDMI Microscope Cameras

HDMI Microscope Cameras

This high resolution color camera is packed with many innovative features to simplify your work. It is the perfect solution for professionals in need of accurate measurement tool in fields of industry, research, medicine and science.

*No PC is needed. The camera will directly output onto monitors or TVs via the HDMI port.

Model Frame Rate (fps) Resolution Pixel Size (um) Sensor format
30 fps via 4K
3840 x 2160
1/.9" Exmor Sensor
60 fps via HDMI
3264 x 2472
2.8 x 2.8
1/2.8" Diagonal 6.4 mm