Special Lightings Group

Product highlights for infrared, ultraviolet and RGB 3 color series.

More information available upon request.

Special Lightings Group

Special Lightings Group

Infrared Light:
Ring LED type and compatible for coaxial illumination types with surface reflections. Also features:

  • Wavelengths of 780nm, 810m, 850nm, 890nm, and 940nm
  • Various applications compatibility for transmissive inspection
  • Spot LED type

Ultraviolet Light
This high powered UV LED product series is a viable alternative to conventional mercury lamps and also features:

  • Wavelengths of 365nm, 375nm, 385nm, and 405nm
  • Water and air - cooled solutions for line/local curing and Spot illumination
  • Low operation costs and environmental friendly

RGB Full - Color Light:
(3 Color Series)

Features the ability to switch or blend the illumination colors to suit the Colors of the material that is being inspected, without changing The illumination.

Infrared LED Light
RGB Full Color Light