This BG series is an integrated-(one-body)-type camera that adopts all pixel data readout interline CCD or CMOS. For video output and camera control, the Gigabit Ethernet interface standard "IEEE 802.3ab" is adopted for high transfer rate, and it is easy to integrate into industrial equipment.

  • Selectable video output area: This mode achieves higher frame rate by reducing vertical output area
  • Reduces occupied data rate of Gigabit Ethernet by reducing horizontal output area
  • Color processing is built in namely RGB, YUV 4:2:2, YUV 4:1:1 and Bayer output modes
  • Employs global electronic shutter similar to a CCD image sensor, clear images of even fast-moving objects are obtained with less blur
  • Square grid arrangement of pixels facilitates computation in image processing
  • The Random Trigger Shutter function provides images in any timing by input of an external trigger signal. Trigger control from PC is available as well.

Pixel Resolution: 
1296 x 966
Pixel Size (um): 
3.75 x 3.75
Frame Rate (fps): 
Scan area (mm): 
4.86 x 3.62
Aspect Ratio: 
4: 3
Standard sensitivity: 
1250lx, F5.6, 1/30s
Min. sensitivity: 
F1.4, Gain +18dB, Video level 50%, 5lx
γ=1.00 to 0.45 (factory setting : γ=1.00)
MANUAL, AGC (factory setting: MANUAL)
Power requirement: 
PoE (Power over Ethernet IEEE802.3af compliant) or DC+12V ±10% (ripple 100 mV(p-p) or less)
Power consumption: 
PoE:3.1W Max, DC12V:2.6W Max
Color filter: 
RGB primary color mosaic-on-tip color filter
Approximately 53g
Lens Mount: 
Sensor format: 
1/3 Type
Gigabit Ethernet IEEE802.3ab (1000BASE-T) conformity
29(W) x 29(H) x 40(D) (Not including protrusion)