Objective Lenses
High-resolution objective lenses with long working distance designs for UV, Visible, and NIR wavelengths
Telecentric Lenses
High-resolution low distortion telecentric lenses provide magnification independent of object distance which makes them particularly useful in measurement applications. Optional coaxial illumination ports simplify illumination.
Zoom Lenses
Variable zoom magnification provides flexibility for many applications.
Our SuperScope Microscope Series is available with user switchable UV/VIS/NIR tube lenses and optional laser port. Models available for probe stations for semiconductor industry and for LCD assembly.
Tube Lenses
This Compact tube lens design includes C-mount and illumination port for brightfield illumination.
Industrial Cameras
USB, HDMI, Firewire, GIGE, CameraLink, and Analog cameras available for UV, Visible, and NIR wavelengths.
Spot LED, Ring LED, Bar LED, Fiber Illuminators, and High-intensity Line illumination options available.